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Olympia with Bikini Kill

Postponed until October


Magnet Review


“Jefferies finds ways to complement the careening wildness of Smith and Lester’s interactions without reining them in.” – Bill Meyer, Magnet Magazine feature

Graphic Novel about Emma Goldman

David Lester is working on a new section in his graphic novel about the last year of Emma Goldman’s life. Follow his progress as he posts key panels and other details.

model 2
David built a fascinating model to draw from. Ideal for scale, perspective and shadow.
panel 1
This panel depicts Emma moving into an apartment in Toronto, which still stands to this day! David visited the current occupants a few years ago and took a lot of photos of interior features.
David standing in the room Emma Goldman died in.

Letter of Resignation


Please accept this letter as my official resignation from Whole Foods. I
won’t be doing any more shifts. I apologize for not giving you notice.

In addition to the issues we have already discussed about my position as a
cashier, I made my decision after communicating these past few days with an
LA filmmaker who wants to make a documentary about my life as a longtime
cultural activist – specifically about my upcoming campaign to raise
$500,000 to purchase property on one of the gulf islands and turn it into an
artist residency. Because of the nature of this social experiment (I intend
to secure one dollar donations from 500,000 artists who will then be
eligible to stay at the residency for free), I’m anticipating a certain
amount of media interest (Kickstarter will be featuring the campaign as a
Staff Pick in February and March) so, now I need to go to LA to start
working on the film and the promotion of the project.

Jean Smith

Pre-Orders / Streaming

1 NEW March-2014

Pre-Orders: “Empathy for the Evil” (M’lady’s Records) with three songs now streaming.

Jean Smith on Make A Gif