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Dusted Magazine

Ten Records & Ten Shows of 2002

Dusted’s Nathan Hogan marks the passing of the last palindromic year he’ll ever see with 10 records and 10 shows that he considers to be superlative.


5. Mecca Normal, The Family Swan (Kill Rock Stars): I’ve long been pretty oblivious to Jean Smith and David Lester. I always liked what I knew of Who Shot Elvis? but not enough to bother digging into their vast discography of full-lengths and 7″s. Anyway, long story short, I fell hard for Mecca Normal after a few listens to this record over the summer. Jean Smith’s voice operates on some kind of divine frequency. Like that bell in The Polar Express I suspect that it starts sounding completely unbearable when you get old and stodgy and stop believing in indie rock, but in the meantime it’s totally life-affirming. Songs like “Ice Floes Aweigh” should be distributed free of charge to smart female teenagers everywhere, as anodyne for suburban malaise.

The Family Swan album

Ice Floes Aweigh

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