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I haven’t had any Riot Grrrl queries for a long time, but maybe there’s another round of new interest from what seemed to be new interest a few years back. I got a FaceBook message from 17 year-old Julia in Germany saying she’s working on a school project about Riot Grrrl, hoping I’ll answer questions.

“As I want it to be as authentic as possible and mirror the mindset of Riot Grrrl and show what it really meant for all those girls, I’m trying to reach out to as much people of the movement as possible. You are one of them. ”

Well… here’s my message back which intends to make a connection between “all those girls” and present day activities connected to RG as opposed to simply looking back at it as history. Done. Past.

Hi Julia!

Mecca Normal (my band) is frequently referred to as an early inspiration to the co-founders of Riot Grrrl, but we weren’t a Riot Grrrl band. We’d already been playing, touring and recording since 1986. We had our own thing going called The Black Wedge — anti-authoritarian poets and minimalist musicians on tour in an old school bus.

In 1986 some of the women who co-founded RG saw Mecca Normal perform in Olympia. Which is also when we met the guy who wanted to put out our records on his label. Here’s a link to the first Mecca Normal show in Olympia where a future member of Bikini Kill — drummer Tobi Vail — first saw us. I think she would have been about your age at the time — or younger! I was in my mid-20s.

We hadn’t done many shows at this point, but as we continued on with songs about feminism and social justice, I spoke more from the stage — and in interviews — to encourage young women to get together with their friends and start bands, to write lyrics about their experiences in the scene and in society. There weren’t very many women in bands at that point.

Our first album was out at that time (on my own label) and one of the main songs on it was “I Walk Alone” — which we still perform at our live shows to this day!

It seems there is a lot on the internet about Riot Grrrl. Maybe check this series of video interviews put out by the EMP museum (Experience Music Project) in Seattle. If you search through their material on YouTube you’ll see other Riot Grrrl interviews that should be of interest to you.

Here’s Mecca Normal opening for Kathleen Hanna’s band The Julie Ruin in Portland last year. A new song about feminism.

Good luck with your project, and I hope this helps!


Video: Meeting Molly and Allison

Meeting Molly and Allison of Bratmobile for the first time.

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Video: Allison Wolfe on Success

An excerpt of my interview with Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Sex Stains, Ex Stains) in her home in Brooklyn in 2009.


Video: Allison Wolfe

Here’s an excerpt of my interview with Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Sex Stains, Ex Stains) in her home in Brooklyn in 2009.


New York Times on Riot Grrrl

New York Times January 3, 1993“The rise of bands like Bratmobile, Heavens to Besty, Mecca Normal and Bikini Kill has inspired a larger group of feminists in their teens and early 20s who call themselves Riot Grrrls.” Ann Japenga, New York Times, January 3, 1993

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