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Notes and Quotes

Excerpt from David Lester’s collection of tour diary notes, reviews and comments.





“She was—and still is—a really political person, a political being who really walks the talk. And the effect of her views on me in turn affected the band. We started looking at the world differently—and certainly from more of a left-of-centre viewpoint.” – John Mann of the band Spirit of the West on Jean Smith, 2008



David’s 57th Birthday

Dave's Birthday 2015

Video: “I Walk Alone” at Horses Records in Vancouver on Record Store Day, 2015

David posted this drawing to FaceBook with this comment:
“Crikey… I share a birthday with Morrissey, Richard Wagner, Bernie Taupin, Mary Cassatt, Arthur Conan Doyle, Hergé, and Sun Ra. Don’t know what it means so I did this drawing.”



Oysters on The Drive before pizza at Marcello’s.


“Mecca Normal” wrapping paper

Video: Now is the Time of the Older Woman

“Now is the time of the older woman.” – Gina Birch of the Raincoats in a BBC documentary about women in punk.

Audio from an interview with Russ Forster for an upcoming segment on Radio Valencia.

Video by Jean Smith of Mecca Normal

The still photo is from an interview with Tyler Maxin at WNYU in October 2014.