The Stranger

“Formed in 1984, Vancouver, BC, rhythm-section-less two-piece Mecca Normal have no shortage of weird left. Having been lumped into the “indie rock” non-genre over the years, the duo have previously released on cred-building labels such as K, Matador, and Kill Rock Stars. With the upcoming release of their 13th album, Empathy for the Evil (out on M’lady’s Records September 16), it’s clear that time hasn’t… dulled their ability to make infernally intimate oddball rock. The new album’s guitar- and organ-driven single “Wasn’t Said” offers an introspective introduction to their lyrically focused and poignant rock realism. Their set should be a charmingly unhinged, rare treat. With Clearinghouse, an abrasive noise-rock/no-wave quartet I know nothing about (waves conflict-of-interest flag till arm falls off), and #\tits, a pummeling, lady-fueled noise duo featuring former members of Unfair Parents and WaMu. Hollow Earth Radio, 8 pm. recommended.” – Brittnie Fuller, The Seattle Stranger, July 9, 2014


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