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Carrie Brownstein

Excerpt from an article in Spin Magazine (2013) in which Carrie Brownstein says going to a Heavens to Betsy and Mecca Normal show (Bikini Kill cancelled) in Bellingham, Washington made her want to move to Olympia.

Excerpt from an article called Sisters Outsiders The Oral History of the Bikini Kill E.P. by Jessica Hopper in BBB Magazine (London, UK) 2013BK cancel

Interview with Carrie Brownstein in Rookie Magazine, 2011

ROOKIE: First live band or artist or show?
CARRIE BROWNSTEIN (Sleater-Kinney / Wild Flag): “I saw Madonna in fifth grade on her ‘Like A Virgin’ Tour. She played at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. My other significant first show was Fastbacks / Beat Happening / Mecca Normal at the OK Hotel, which is also in Seattle. I was a sophomore in high school. It was the first time I saw musicians playing music up close.” – Rookie Magazine, 2011

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