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Rec-A-Day Day 86) Mecca Normal “Water Cuts My Hands” (2010, on Tumblr)

Who the fuck needs a rhythm section? I don’t.. at least not when I’m listening to Mecca Normal. I love this duo so much! Strange but I mostly find myself listening to Mecca Normal when I’m by myself. Usually it’s early morning, drinking coffee while my guy is still asleep in the bed or driving somewhere all by my lonesome. Perhaps it’s partially because Mecca Normal records usually sound so personal and  I feel like a voyeur and don’t want anyone else around when I’m listening to them. Sounds about right.

Note: I only ever got the chance to “chat” with Jean Smith online for my “Mixed Messages” zine. I know it’s not professional to say but I remember being most excited that she replied to me more than anyone else that I interviewed for that zine. I am her “Vegas Connection”.. I was told that by Jean Smith herself. 🙂

Fav Tracks on this waxxx are “20 Years/No Escape”, “Orange Sunset” and (my personal fav)  “Taking The Back Stairs”.

P.S. David Lester you are a genius… thank you for not just playing rhythm guitar but for being talented enough to give you guitar it’s own voice. To where it doesn’t just compliment Jean’s vocals or conversely doesn’t compete with them but finding the perfect middle ground where it is its own entity and intertwines w/ them.

(Mega Mecca link: I strongly encourage you to click every link possible on Mecca Normal’s page so you can get a better understanding of these multifaceted artists. Mecca Normal collectively hold such titles as author, musician, painter, graphic designer and activist.)

“Not Standing Still”,

Note from Jean: I’m not sure what’s on the other end of that MySpace link, but there’s a list of Mecca Normal pages in the About section on FaceBook.
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