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Jean Smith solo CD Amazon review

Jean Who?, July 6, 2005

Reviewer: Peter Mulholland “caesar65” (Sydney, Australia) –

Who is this woman? Wow,this is an amazing record! If you like a bit of avante garde and something experimental, this is your cup of tea.

Mostly instrumental with a few tracks with vocals. Like who? Geez I dunno. Slowed down sonic youth with brass? Julee Cruise meets Pere Ubu. Put it this way, my tastes IN THIS AREA run from the afore mentioned SY & Pere Ubu, through Tindersticks and early Nick Cave across Soul Coughing, Trail of Dead, Laughing Clowns, Unwound blah blah blah add a dash of blues. Point is that if you have similar tastes – well, give this a spin!

But be warned, if you are a “chorus verse, chorus verse gimme something I can sing along too” kinda person, steer clear!