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Fast Forward Festival, Nijmegen, Holland

Mecca Normal at the Fast Forward Festival in Nijmegen, Holland.
>From: Festival Organizer



I don’t know if I am allowed to do this kind of advertising here, and
I don’t expect too many foreigners to come to Doornroosje (Nijmegen,
The Netherlands, Europe), but still, I would like to bring the
following festival under the attention of all the people who like
non-mainstream “pop” music (btw, I have no commercial interest

“Fast Forward” is the name of a small but (hopefully) inspiring
two-day event which will offer lots of music from home-recording
artists (see below for what that’s supposed to mean), but not only
that: There will also be poetry, animation, comics and paintings.

on April 22 (Friday):
Tall Dwarfs (NZ); Mecca Normal (Can); Smog (USA); Eugene Chadbourne
(USA); Joost Visser (NL); Judy Dunaway & The Evan Gallagher Little
Band (USA); Billy Childish (UK, poetry); Sexton Ming (UK, poetry).

and on April 23:
Barbara Manning & SF Seals (USA); Billy Childish (UK); Sexton Ming
(UK); Tuli Kupferberg (USA); Peter Jefferies (NZ); Alastair Galbraith
(NZ); Dump (USA); Plover (NL).

What is this ‘home recording’ thing? A few lines from Doornroosje’s
press-info: “A huge little festival featuring Home-Recording artists
from all over the world! With the grunge-hype declining a whole range
of new artists is looming ahead.  The sounds presented by fresh labels
like Ajax and Drag City are only just the tip of the
iceberg.  Bands and artists like Thinking Fellers, Union Local 282,
Trumans Water, Pavement, Liz Phair, Sebadoh and Palace Brothers seem
to prefer simple and often Lo-Fi recording techniques over expensive
high-tech studios.  […] A swiftly recorded demo is often more
suitable to capture the magic, that undefinable thrill without which
music becomes old and anaemic.  It is a matter of fact that
Home-Recording has grown into a trend: record your music before the
feeling fades, then on to the next song! The established values of
sound-quality, song-structuring, “The Rock Band Ideal” and playing
skills once again being questioned.  […]” …  yeah well…, take it
or leave it…  Anyway, might you be in Holland at the time this
festival takes place, and to you Doornroosje’s lines make sense, then
of course you shouldn’t miss this small-but-cozy festival.  Oh,
admission is only FL 15 (less than $10) for 1 day, FL 25 for both.

(For everyone who regrets s/he will have to miss this festival, you
might be interested to hear that a compilation CD “with all the
artists that participate” will be released, which “will contain more
than 60 minutes of music and be priced as a CD single”.)