Monthly Archives: August 1992

Night Talk with Jane Whitney

Filmed in Boston in 1992. There may be black segments where the commercials go.

I was flown out to Boston from Vancouver on VERY short notice, put in a VERY fancy hotel, limo-ed to and from the show. Sam went in a separate limo. They wanted to keep us apart, to get a cat fight going during the show. Sam phoned my room the night before, pleading with me not to make mince meat of her, assuring me that she was a feminist. Cripes. I had no idea who she was or what she was talking about. I still have no idea who she is / was.

The producers encouraged us to interrupt each other. Evidently, the audience was given a lot of sugar and caffeine and told we were… in some way spewers of profanity. I had no idea the show was going to be focusing on profanity. I think this is why we all three seem a bit caught off guard at the beginning.

The best bit is Sam’s grandmother, at the end, standing up to say everything Sam has done she’s done for herself (really? no kidding) …she’s never done anything for anyone else in her entire life… or whatever she says… sorry, Sam’s granny. All-in-all, totally surreal.

I’m sure I was way down the list of possible guests, but since Riot Grrrls weren’t talking and I’d been talking for years, they put me on their show.

For the next five years, every time I saw Calvin he said, “I’m on Def Jam” in the same annoying voice that the woman from Bytches with Problems used while she was interrupting me. Or maybe it was the annoying voice that I used to imitate her interrupting me.