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YER 1992


Dovetail — Mecca Normal’s third album — is released on K. It reaches #5 on Canada’s national radio chart. The album includes the song “Throw Silver.”

Jean’s favorite songs on the album: I love the simple imagery of Cherry Flowers, and it is satisfying to sing. We’ve recently put it back into the live set; David plays it better than ever and I add some guitar accents.

David’s favorite song on the album: Clatter.
I really like the first line of This Machine: “making it anything so it isn’t nothing now” — the idea of making things happening, taking action, going forward rather than waiting for things to take place.

Jean named one of 10 people who matter in the world by the SF Weekly in a profile called: “Hard visionary, Mecca Normal’s Jean Smith blends fear and clarity into a decidedly unromantic courage.”

Jean sings backing vocals on Colours with Vancouver band Superconductor for a Donovan tribute album.

Orange 7” released on Harriet (Boston)

Armchairs Fit Through Doorways 7” EP released on K Records.

Mecca Normal record and mix 17 songs at Yo Yo (Olympia) with Calvin Johnson and Pat Maley. 11 of these songs will become the Dovetail album.

A split SubPop 7” (Singles Club) is released with Mecca Normal and Vancouver’s Kreviss.

North Carolina band Blue Green Gods release 7” cover versions of “Water Cuts My Hands” and “Lois Wrote About The Farm.”

The first release by Yo Yo Studios contains a Mecca Normal song.

Jean release a solo spoken word/guitar 7” (Kill Rock Stars Wordcore series).

Jean does cover art for New York band Chia Pet 7” (KokoPop).

Tour Diary (west coast): Jean smashes her guitar during a performance in Pomona, CA at Munchies. Our 72 Impala dies when we reach Los Angeles. A really tall guy gives us joke slimy stuff called ‘guk’ at a radio station we are playing. We do not know why. During our radio performance an earthquake occurs. At a show in San Francisco, a large black man tells us he played “Strong White Male” over and over again on his radio show for an hour. At Jabberjaw (Los Angeles) a guy buys one of everything we have and offers to also buy us an oil change. Our car’s radiator keeps boiling over. Jean must drive down hills in neutral with the heater on. On the way home to Vancouver, the car stalls late at night in Bellingham, WA. We wait.

Jean produces a 7” EP by Vancouver band Cub.

Jean flies to Boston to tape ABC’s Night Talk with Jane Whitney in a show about Women In Rock. A message comes through that Maury Povich also wants to talk to Jean.

Jean interviewed about riot grrrl and women in rock by USA Today, Seventeen Magazine and LA Times.

there was the soft glow
of a flare sent

Amber fragment
knocking out the sky

Then there was
the darkness
after too much light

Arc fallen
wading through the snow

Find the steel
sunk below

Fire in a half plan
shimmer up the cold

“From The Surface” & “Upside Down Flame” 7” released on (Dionysus, Burbank)

The German guy who sent us a bag of money books us our first tour of Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, France). The German guy’s name is Dirk Hugsam. This is his first attempt at booking. He would later go on to found his own successful agency booking bands like godspeed you black emperor

“I wouldn’t be in a band if I hadn’t heard of Jean. She’s shown me through her lyrics that you can be a feminist and still be whoever you want to be. You don’t have to lose contact with the world.” — Kathleen Hanna (Network, Toronto)

Rose 7” (K Records) released.



The Jane Whitney Show

In 1992, I was flown out to Boston (on very short notice) and put up in a fancy hotel to participate on the Jane Whitney Show, a syndicated TV talk show on NBC.

Carboni Angel 1992

Carboni Angel – Jean Smith solo 7″ (Kill Rock Stars, WordCore Volume Three, 1992)

Excerpt from my first novel “I Can Hear Me Fine” (Get to the Point Editions, 1992)

Jean Smith voice and guitar


Dovetail 1992


Mecca Normal – Dovetail (K Records, 1993)


Vera Groningen 1992

Vera, Groningen, 1992