YER 1990

David designs his first theatre poster.

Jean co-founds weekly poetry series (Vancouver)

“Cardboard Box House of Love” 7” is released on K Records.

Jean moves to Tucson, Arizona.

Jean’s video for “20 Years / No Escape” wins the experimental video award at Pima Community College (Tucson, Arizona).

Mecca Normal sign contract with K/Matador Records while in Seattle.

Mecca Normal plays CBGBs in New York with Lubricated Goat.

Mecca Normal plays Seattle with Chumbawamba and Eve Libertine (Ex-Crass)

Mecca Normal plays with Fugazi in Olympia.

Mecca Normal plays with Viva Knieval (Kathleen Hanna’s first band) in Olympia.

Jean designs cover for Ottawa band Scarlet Drops 7” (Harriet Records, Boston).

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