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YER 1989



“Calico Kills the Cat” album is released on K. It is only the third album K has ever released.

Jean’s favorite songs on the album: Smile Baby. Ancient Fire.

David’s favorite song on the album: One Woman because musically it revolves around two chords. One rises, one falls. The struggle between the two worked perfectly with the lyric content: one person’s efforts for change.

Mecca Normal cross America on a K Records tour with Go Team, and Some Velvet Sidewalk.

Joelle is 18 in her parents’ house.
Joelle – washing a frying pan.
Her boyfriend is around two corners watching TV.
The frying pan comes out of the water
and flies through the air.
The frying pan flies through the air
And hits the wall.
All the energy of the history of a situation.

Jean organizes 3rd Black Wedge tour that will cover the west and east coasts of America and eastern Canada. The tour includes Sang (bassist Rachel Melas from Toronto and poet sax-player Keith Jafrate from England) and Peter Plate.

“This is quite powerful stuff. Jokers like Bono and Bruce could certainly learn a few lessons from this.” – reviewing Calico album in Vicious Hippies from Panda Hell (Portland zine)

“Jean’s the one with ‘that voice’, a completely riveting presence that’s only more powerful when backed solely by Lester’s guitar. Zero star potential, they’d sound totally incongruous coming out of your radio, but so would Woody Guthrie, so don’t worry about it.” – Gerard Cosloy (reviewing Calico album in Conflict, New York)

Gerard Cosloy would go on to co-found Matador Records.

Anarchist poster show in Vancouver featuring 30 posters by Jean and David.

Mecca Normal Pacific Northwest tour with Mudhoney and Beat Happening.

Mecca Normal plays music with friends Cyndee and Argon from Seattle that results in the second release on their Smarten Up! record label. The band is called Bright Like Ice. David plays bass in it.

Tour diary: On the return leg of a west coast tour from San Francisco, we drive with Calvin Johnson to play a show in Eugene, Oregon (we listen to Uncle Charley perform one of our songs at soundcheck), after we play we head to play a show in Portland. During the long drive Calvin is pulled over by police and given many tasks to perform. The night ends at Calvin’s place in Olympia. So in one day we have travelled in 3 states, covering 640 miles and given 2 shows.

Mecca Normal records and mix “He Didn’t Say” and “Forlorn” in Olympia for a second K 7”. Jean plays guitar for the first time on a recording.

David takes a full time job working the night shift at a daily newspaper writing photo captions and cropping photos. It is a union position, paying a ton of money — most people who ever get such a job stay there for life. David decides to quit in order to play music.