YER 1988

Record “Calico Kills the Cat” in 2 days at Yo Yo Studios (a former chicken coop) in Olympia with Calvin Johnson.

NME (New Musical Express) in England lists the “Oh Yes You Can” EP as a single of the week, saying “Oh… what a lovely sparse sound.”

David designs his first book cover “Nuclear Empire.”

MN tours eastern US using public transit (planes, trains and buses). Sleep one night in a place called the Manson hostel where an urn sits at the base of the bed.

May 13, 1988
Anarchist Switchboard, New York City
A cassette tape of our show exists. Bob Z of Bad Newz punkzine helped us get this show in a small cellar. Here’s a description from Dan Sabater, who became an anarchist in the 9th grade:

“The first spot I stumbled onto was the Anarchist Switchboard located in the basement of 324 East 9th Street between 1st and 2nd. I think it was opened in 1986 by a guy from the Libertarian (aka Anarchist) Book Club. A girl from my high school took me down there. It was a dingy one-room spot with couches, exposed lightbulbs and red concrete walls. I liked it a lot, and gave them my birthday money to help out with the rent. ”

MN tours UK with Peter Plate. The first show is with Vi Subversa of Poison Girls. Most of the shows are of a cabaret type, with comedians, dancers and poets which take place in pubs, castle tower, Labour Party club, an opera house and by the wall where the Humpty Dumpty story came from. Tour set up by English ranting poet Nick Toczek.

After the tour Jean stays in Huddersfield doing solo performances, readings and running a writing workshop for women. David takes a trip through Europe before going back to Vancouver.


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