Black Wedge set Olympia​, 1986

Mecca Normal on the Black Wedge Tour at G.E.S.S.C.O. Olympia, Washington

24 min.

Who Told You So?
Are You Hungry Joe?
The Arrogant Man
Smile Baby (sound person plays with delay)
Women Were King
Will He Change?
Forget It
Tolerate Me
Beaten Down (sound person goes for big delay, abrupt end)

“One step easier than punk! The Black Wedge is out to spread the word of how to combine poetry, music and politics and have a fun time doing it. Hardcore poems and shredding guitars, radical voices crushing sexism, militarism, poverty and conformity. The Black Wedge wants to set wild hearts and imaginations free, to release a riot of emotion – opening up a new arena for activist resistance culture.” – Black Wedge booklet, 1986

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